Jesse McClure for Judge

The BEST Qualified Candidate


Experienced Attorney and Veteran Prosecutor

After receiving his J.D. at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, Jesse worked at the law firm of Brown McCarroll & Oaks Hartline in Austin before being called to be an Assistant District Attorney at the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office in Fort Worth. He served there for nearly 11 years -- successfully trying cases ranging from DWIs to sexual assualts to murder, and serving for over four years as a member of the Narcotics Unit. He also served as an Associate Legal Advisor to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Dallas, before joining the Texas Department of Insurance Fraud Unit in 2012.

Uniquely Skilled

Jesse McClure is currently a Special Prosecutor with the Fraud Unit, and is assigned to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. As a Special Prosecutor with over 16 years of experience investigating and prosecuting criminal activity, Jesse is tasked with guiding and leading investigations and prosecutions of insurance fraud and other white collar crimes. He is a Certfified Fraud Examiner, and serves as a resource witness to the Texas Legislature for the Fraud Unit. Jesse has also given numerous presentations to a variety of groups throughout the State of Texas regarding insurance fraud and financial crimes.


In addition to his prosecutorial and public speaking duties, Jesse provides training and legal advice for local and state law enforcement, fields prosecutors' questions from around the state regarding fraud, interviews attorney and investigator candidates, and participates in the management of the Fraud Unit.